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​Wait. Stop.

Let us guess- no time for a program?​

We believe you don’t have time NOT to do one. Our programs focus on giving you space to do the one thing you need to do more of: think. Growth can’t happen if you are not intentional. Our programs help equip you for growth starting from exactly where you are.

​Caution: In order to be successful, organizations have to be willing to talk about what they are NO longer going to do in order for a strategic plan to take root in an organization thus creating long- term sustainability.Delivered in 1/2 day and full day models, our strategic planning model is customized to fit your needs.

​Delivered in ½ day, 1 day, or 1 ½ days

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Expert Guidance

Rooted:  A comprehensive curriculum that gets at the root of where you need to grow. Not designed to tell you what you are NOT doing, but rather to help you see the many branches of where you could grow.

Offered in a variety of formats, this is  for people who have made the choice of no longer deciding the grass is always greener in the lives of others and are now focused on watering their own grass.

Gravitas: A comprehensive curriculum designed for women leaders to sharpen specific practices of leveraging credibility, sound professional judgement, confidence, assertiveness, poise and valuing the weight of one’s own contributions.

Offered in a variety of formats, this is designed for women leaders who are ready to receive the truth about how they “show up” in their leadership skin and what it will take for them to remain relevant.



Enriching. Equipping. Educating

Our humble beginnings started in training and it will always be an essential part of who we are as an organization. We believe that where good learning occurs, growth always follows. Our classes are designed to help women in areas where they often struggle the most:

  • Identifying the what and the why?

  • Communication Effectiveness

  • Interview Effectiveness

  • Navigating Corporate Politricks

  • Making a Seat at the Table- Being Heard

  • Presentation Skills for Powerful Impact



Leverage Your Talent & Gifts

Hey, great leaders have coaches. Before you hire one, ask one critical question: Do they have a coach? If the answer is no, they are not going to be helpful to you. Growth and refining your overall authentic image is ongoing. We offer individualized coaching for three specific areas of your career path:

  • Assistance with Organizational Change

  • Mentoring Out Leadership and Transition

  • Staffing Support and Infrastructure
    Staffing Redesign

  • Process and Procedure Audit

  • Job/Position Audits

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