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To describe Pamela Owens as a miracle worker is not an understatement. I've seen her diffuse the most hostile situations and lead groups of leaders to a cohesive and productive outcome.  She has a charisma to draw anyone and she speaks with integrity and authority.

Mela Sarajane Dailey

Award Winning Opera Singer

Within minutes the atmosphere changes.  Pam Benson Owens is doing her magic.  The audience is engaged. The passions are flowing. Conversation is underway.  Important and challenging topics are being discussed.  A safe and welcoming environment has been established.  Makes me a true believer in the Pam Benson Owens magic.

Barry Silverberg

Director, Center for Nonprofit Studies at Austin Community College

An innovative, high-energy keynoter who delivers exceptional presentations -- a "must-get" for leadership conferences.

Audrey Selden

Former Texas Assistant Secretary of State and Leadership Women, In., Immediate Past Board President, Austin, Texas

I have known Pam Benson Owens since our children were in Pre-K.” My first impression of her was, Beautiful Leader with a light emanating from within. Pam is a leader without limit. She is profoundly humble and amazing woman of empowerment and a desire to want what is good and right in the world.  I believe that this is just one of the traits that made us strong friends in life. Powerhouse 
is always a word that seems to come to the mind when someone ask me to tell them about Pamela Benson Owens. Powerhouse and strong faithful friend to me and anyone else who would be fortunate to get to know her. 

Victoria Soto, JD 


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