While I am a sister who absolutely loves a good bath bomb, for too long a bath bomb and a massage has been the defining factors of good self care. This is a faulty and flawed approach to very essence of self-care if you don't go beyond the bath bomb! During these uncertain times, when even the best of us can feel waves of fear, doubt, quarantine performance anxiety, stress, isolation, loneliness, and radical worry about what is to come, the need for self-care, REAL self-care becomes critical to our ability to continue thriving. During this intimate, unplugged and straight no chaser webinar we will explore the following:


1. Balance is Bullshit.

2. The Myth of Happiness.

3. Reluctance. Refreshment. Routine.

4. The Kaizen Way.

5. Constructing the Comfort Zone Circle

6. The Game Plan, Do Nothing/Do Something

Self-care During Social Distancing


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