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Meet Pam

Pamela Benson Owens, President & CEO

Pamela Benson Owens is the President and CEO of Edge of Your Seat Consulting, Inc and is also serving as the CEO of Six Square. For 25+ years Pam has owned Edge of Your Seat Consulting, a unique consulting firm that is dedicated to assisting for-profit, nonprofit, and faith-based entities. The major focus of Edge of Your Seat Consulting, Inc., is to provide methodologies that help manage perceptions and narratives about complex and challenging issues with courage and strategic passion. 


Pam leverages humor and honest storytelling to create memorable and applicable strategies for sustainable and substantive change. 


She serves the community in a variety of capacities with the intentional motive of building a stronger and more equitable community. Her background in education to include higher education has provided unique insight into the challenges facing not just school districts, but the ecosystems of support that surrounds school districts. Pam serves on several non-profit boards, is the co-chair of the Black Fund a partnership with Austin Community Foundation, joyfully serves on the faculty of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence at Austin Community College, is often a guest lecturer at institutions of higher learning and thrives on the opportunities her consultancy work paves the way to assist organizations to be stronger by navigating the nuances of organizational culture. 


She is a proud Texas A&M Aggie where she earned a degree in Journalism and a certification in Diversity Education and completed her graduate work at St. Edward's University with a master’s in human services with a concentration in Conflict Resolution/Mediation. Pam has also completed coursework at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, a certification in DEI from Cornell, is a self-professed book nerd and lifelong learner, has a new book called The Lessons of Lists, has an online coffee business with all four members of her family called 4 The Culture Coffee that directs a percentage of the proceeds back to BIPOC nonprofit organizations in the Central Texas region, and you can hear her weekly on her Podcast, Rooted. She resides in Austin with her spouse, Arlyn, and two exceptionally amazing kids, Preston, and Allyson.


A dynamic speaker on leadership, change, motivation, emotional intelligence, and inspiration grounded in reality.


In 2014, amidst health challenges, Pam devised the Percolating model for navigating personal and professional growth. Percolating entails mindful discernment in life's crucial matters. Our aim at EOYS is to encourage clients to slow down to speed up, prioritizing what truly matters. In a fast-paced world, we advocate for intentional living and proactive strategies to co-create optimal solutions.


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4 The Culture

Want to percolate with Pam? Consider supporting 4 The Culture Coffee, the family owned online coffee shop of Team Owens (Arlyn, Allyson, Preston, and Pam)

A percentage of all proceeds benefit BIPOC led nonprofits!

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