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Meet Kristine

Kristine Lafond, Executive Assistant

Introducing Kristine Lafond, a seasoned administrative professional boasting over a decade of experience in delivering comprehensive support across diverse business landscapes. Kristine has been instrumental in furnishing indispensable administrative aid to small business proprietors, adeptly overseeing operations, project management endeavors, and extending executive support to CEOs.

Kristine's expertise extends beyond conventional administrative realms, encompassing a diverse skill set spanning course creation and maintenance, SOP development, social media oversight, content creation, video production and editing, transcription services,
and proficient management of backend business operations. Under Kristine's guidance, a cohesive team of like-minded professionals has been meticulously curated, fostering a collaborative ethos steeped in a shared commitment to growth and excellence. This environment facilitates adept troubleshooting and cultivates a culture of innovation,
ensuring optimal service delivery.

Drawing upon a rich educational background, Kristine emphasizes the pivotal role of organization in driving business efficacy, facilitating the seamless operation of systems and processes. Beyond professional pursuits, Kristine channels their creative energies into painting and drawing endeavors, infusing their business ventures with a distinctive
artistic flair. Committed to the delivery of top-tier assistance and perpetually dedicated to personal and professional development, Kristine Lafond emerges as a cornerstone in the pursuit of business success and
operational efficiency.

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