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Life is so...daily. You don't want to just survive you want to thrive, right?Have you ever marveled at the sight of tall trees that stand so majestically? Even though we don't see the strong root system that is inside the trees, we know that it's the source of a tree's survival. So I ask, is your root system providing the support that you need in your life? Is it planted in good soil? Does it provide what you need to stand tall and proud? Do you trust the "limbs" to support you when you are in situations that leave you "hanging?" Have you checked the soil recently-does it need fertilizing and watering? Are there parts of your root system that need uprooting and discarding? Can some of your roots be replanted to bear new trees with new branches that soar in many different directions? The Rooted Field Guide is a quick way to strengthen your root system which in turn also strengthens you.

Rooted: The Field Guide

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